Ammonia Analyzer

  • Ammonia detection range of 0 to 10 ppm for the most direct, accurate and precise results available
  • Continuous online measurement ensures real-time information for optimum control of the ammonia feed without excessive operating costs
  • Selective and sensitive for ammonia, our system surpasses the performance of other systems that have the limitations of pH and conductivity to track real-time boiler ammonia levels
  • Extremely easy to use while maximizing up time – simple step-by-step scrolling instruction for setup, calibration,operation and diagnostics menus
  • Measurements at a glance from any distance for even the lowest light conditions using the large operator friendly backlit display
  • Fastest and most stable measurements, limiting unnecessary calibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion ammonia electrode technology
  • Minimize operator time and maintenance without use of complicated moving parts or pumps that often require frequent attention and expensive spare part expenditures
  • Extend reagent consumption up to 2 months using our uniquely simple reagent addition design to condition the sample pH and suppress interfering ions for optimal measurement performance

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