Unique Benefits

  • Operates at pressures up to 30,000 psi (2068 bar) (20,000 psi for LM20-20 model)
  • Requires a minimum sample size of 14 ml
  • Is suitable for laboratory and benchtop applications
  • Achieves unmatched size reduction/disruption performance at lower process pressure
  • Limits sample temperature rise during processing, ensuring minimal heat denaturation of sensitive materials
  • Results in higher product yields after sterile filtration with tighter particle size distribution
  • Saves on development time in pilot/production with linear volumetric scaleup
  • Provides enhanced repeatability with easy-to-use digital pressure control
  • Has a compact design that fits in a fume hood
  • Ensures dependable process performance over time with maintenance reminder and operator alerts
  • Adapts to future experimentation possibilities with field upgradable firmware

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