Sirius Analytical Instrument

Sirius T3

  • Automation allows you to run complicated assays that would be hard to do manually.
  • The optional autoloader allows users to run unattended experiments on SiriusT3, and provides convenience and high throughput possibilities.
  • Predicted information helps users to optimise the design of experiments.
  • Ease of use. Many assays work with standard templates.
  • No need for time-consuming shake-flask style experiments in multiple pH buffers.
  • The Sirius pH-metric method provides independent confirmation that ionisation has occurred, and also helps characterise acidic and basic groups.
  • Sirius methods provide valuable insights, such as learning whether compounds precipitate in LLPS form with the potential for solubility enhancement.
  • SiriusT3 makes measurements using very small amounts of sample.
  • Regularly running clean-up assays ensures that SiriusT3 is always “ready to go”

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