Oxygen Scovenger

  • Oxygen scavenger detection of 0 ppb to 200 ppb hydrazine or0 ppb to 1000 ppb ELIMIN-OX with the highest accuracy andprecision available
  • Continuous online measurement ensures real time informationfor optimum control of the oxygen scavenger feed pump withoutexcessive operating costs
  • Extremely easy to use while maximizing uptime – simplestep-by-step scrolling instruction for setup, calibration,operation and diagnostics menus
  • Fastest and most stable measurements, limiting unnecessarycalibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion iodideelectrode technology
  • Minimize operator time and maintenance without use ofcomplicated moving parts or pumps that often require frequentattention and expensive spare part expenditures
  • Extend reagent consumption up to 2 months using our uniquelysimple reagent addition design to condition the sample pH andsuppress interfering ions for optimal measurement performance
  • Advanced user interface with detailed calibration, measurementand diagnostic logs for early diagnostic and action levelnotification, configurable for your facility’s desired level ofperformance – all password protected if preferred
  • Simple and fast user selectable calibration modes for precise 2point calibration for ultimate accuracy or offline calibration forlab correlation to have your system back online with securityand confidence

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